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Introducing Ambient Light System (ALS)

Solgami ALS is a carbon-neutral retrofit system that mediates temperatures in internal environments. Designed to reduce energy consumption caused by glazed facades, it controls heat flow while allowing exacting control over light in a room.

Learn more about the global environmental impact of buildings, or if you are an investor, learn more here about the benefits of the system.

Made from 99% post-consumer recycled material, Solgami operates as a window blind that is secured to the internal surface of a window and is designed to reduce heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), whilst maintaining privacy, reducing glare and providing illumination where required.

Testing with the University of Sydney shows a differential of up to 6°C towards a comfortable internal environment when using an Solgami screen versus without, while maintaining internal illumination 0.5m into the room, and increasing illumination beyond this.

Solgami is both architecture and product. Individually designed according to a user’s location and lighting needs, it becomes a small-scale architectural intervention, whilst being flexible and affordable for a wide audience and context.

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How is Solgami ALS customised for the individual?

Solgami ALS is customised based on the individual’s needs for temperature regulation and internal illumination, and can be customised to any window size. Your geographical climate and location will also dictate how the screen is calibrated due to variations in the amount and angle of direct sunlight. If you are unsure about what would work best for your individual situation, our support team will be able to assist you in this process.

Where can I see Solgami ALS in person?

Solgami ALS was exhibited during Milan Design Week 2024, at Torneria T5, via Novi 5, 20144 Milan, from April 15-21. Currently viewing of Solgami is by appointment. Please contact us at

Can I see through Solgami ALS?

Solgami ALS provides privacy between indoors and out. In its fixed position, views out and in are limited. Solgami can however be tilted down 90 degrees away from the window, allowing full views out. The main unit can also be easily removed from the window, at which point only the thin installation frame remains on the window.

When will I receive my Solgami ALS?

The Solgami ALS will be released for pre order on April 15th 2024.
We estimate shipping of the first orders early 2025.

Does Solgami ship globally?

Yes, Solgami ships globally.

If you are uncertain regarding the taxes in relation to importing to your country, please contact us at and a member from the team will be able to help.

How easy is it to install Solgami ALS in my environment?

Installation of Solgami ALS is simple, requires no tools, and can be performed in minutes. Instructions outlining this will be included with your purchase.

What is Solgami ALS made from?

When talking about the environment, we believe full transparency is important. Therefore we’ve listed our material list below, for those that like to get technical:

- rHDPE sourced from end of life water tanks & pipes, (33% of Solgami)

- R-MMA, sourced from displays & engineering applications, (66% of Solgami)

- Nanocrystalline NdFeB, sourced from end of life magnets used in electric vehicles, medical equipment and hard drives (0.007% of Solgami)

- 99%+ purity recycled aluminium, from various sources (<0.0001% of Solgami)

In addition to these recycled materials is a thin layer of paint, and a nano low emissivity coating, both of which we are working toward being based on recycled material.

Can my Solgami ALS be installed in a location different to its initial customisation?

Yes, however if there is a significant geographical change in latitude, light redirection properties may be affected, as the Solgami ALS is calibrated to your specific location in the world.

Moving the Solgami ALS to various locations within the same city will exhibit little change. Moving between continents with a large displacement North or South will exhibit less efficiency and light redirection when the sun is either very high or very low. Contact us to discuss this in relation to your specific situation.

Can Solgami ALS be installed around window handles?

Generally Solgami will sit between your glass and window handles, as it takes up only 20mm of space.

If however you require Solgami to be cut around handles or otherwise, please get in touch, and we'll be able to advise on your specific case.

Can Solgami ALS be installed in irregularly shaped windows?

Currently Solgami can only be installed in square or rectangular windows.

If your case does not fit this bill, please get in contact, and we'll be able to advise.

Is Solgami ALS patented?

Solgami has intellectual property protection dating back to 2014, a preliminary patent from 2019, and another from 2024.

The Solgami ALS full patent application is currently pending.

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